Data Recovery Services

Since 1994, DataBank Data Services has been a leader in the digital data recovery, forensics, and data conversion service industries.  We were one of the first companies of its kind in the southwestern United States and we continue to be a leader and innovator in these fields today.

Digital Forensics

We use a variety of proprietary software and data recovery techniques to thoroughly examine the image of the acquired data to search for requested evidence.  We search all areas of the media to find specific files or file types, deleted or hidden files, partially overwritten files (known as slack space), email, internet chat, and other residual data located on the media.  In many cases, we can provide a timeline of file manipulation activity.  When the evidence recovery is complete, we will provide a comprehensive report with the actual evidence, location reference information within the media, times and dates, along with the customer search parameters.

Data Collection and Acquisition

We have the necessary software and hardware to travel to designated sites throughout the world to acquire an exact image of hard drives, tapes, etc.    This image is an exact duplication of the source media and allows evaluation within our laboratories with minimal disruption to others.

Data Conversion

We can convert data to different formats for hundreds of different applications including databases, word processors, spreadsheets, accounting files, and graphic files.  We can also convert data to be accessible from one operating system to another.

What Sets us Apart?

Whether your data needs involve multiple RAID servers in a state-of-the-art data center, clouds spanned across the globe, or simply an 8” floppy disk from the 1970s or reel tape from the 1960s, we can help.  While we continue to stay abreast of current data center, cloud, mobile, and OS, and data storage technologies, we also invest substantial research and development in more obscure data technologies.  Examples include forensics on mainframe computers, conversion of Cobol databases to Excel or other PC formats, restoration of data from 7-track tapes, repair of damaged Kingdom Seismic database files.

The thousands of clients that we have assisted over the years include the US Justice Department, NASA, Dell Computer, Apple Computer, IBM, Harvard University, UT Austin, Electronic Data Systems, University of California Berkley, Commonwealth of Massachussettes,

Kind words from customers

 “…My RAID server is down, and my IT team has been working on it all weekend without success. I am being audited by the IRS in two days, and if I can’t get this data back, I am in real trouble. I will pay up to the value of my company if necessary…..”      

Recovered all data within 24 hrs

   “…thank you for all of your help..Best $2,300 I ever spent!….”

Motorcycle Dealership Owner

“…our computer technician set up a new computer for us, and copied all of our Kingdom Seismic data over to it. He then erased the original data… the databases are corrupt..we literally have millions of dollars of research and exploration documented in those databases, and cannot access the data…..”

Full recovery of data from 85% of the corrupt databases

Oil Exploraton Company

Suspected alteration of emissions database by a manufacturing plant

Proved database had been altered by forensically locating original database entries

State Environmental Agency

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